The IT Crowd Season 2 DVD Easter Eggs



To make a long story short: I got the The IT Crowd "Version 2.0" DVD as present. And this is not only a marvelous gift because it looks nice next to the Monty Python DVDs but also because it has some funny content hidden next to the actual episodes of the TV series.

Each episode has either the extra content stored as part of the l33t subtitles (sid 0x21) or uses the subtitles as hint were the actual content is stored. Episode 4 of season 1 already used a similar trick to store the actual subtitles as base64 (so it is just the hardmode for deaf people). This time the the extra content has real extra information which is not directly related to the episode itself. What each blob means will be discussed later but here are the different episodes and the extra content.

Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4

SOPHIE as cleartext listing (not base64 encoded)

Episode 5


Episode 6

Episode 6 is a little bit special. It doesn't use base64 to hide the content in the subtitles but instead another technique is used to save Hint.tiff in the subtitles. Parts of the necessary information to decode this file is shown on the hidden track 10 of the DVD. But the Hint.tiff is (as the name suggests) only a hint and will guide you to the interesting extra content of the episode which we will call EasterEgg3.part.1.

And the best thing about the secrets is the competition. People from the United Kingdoms and Ireland can take part in a competition until 2008-06-232008-08-23.