Sowing chili seeds 2010


After different people requested that I take notes on my "chili year 2010". This year I will only plant two different types - Habanero and Cayenne. Both types of seeds aren't from a special seeds supplier, so I will not try to say what exact type of Habanero it is.




  • Made two cups of chamomile tea and put some seeds inside the cups (after it was cold)


  • Got some soil and put the seeds into it

  • placed it next to a heater to get the right temperature for the germination process

  • covered it with foil to prevent the high loss of moisture. The foil must be removed from time to time to reduce the risk that the seeds would rot (Moisture is quite important during this process, but we must ensure that the soil is not too wet)

  • The dark place should not be a really problem at the moment because the photosynthesis hasn't started yet and will not start in the next 4 weeks - at least not for the habaneros.



  • picked the the five best looking plants from each type and separated them


  • All plants got their new and bigger "boots"


  • Plants were moved to their final pot (or at least to the one they will use until someone else will receive them)

  • Plants started to bloom - will probably stop again due to bad weather in the next weeks


  • Finally also the habanero started to bloom


  • All plants have green chilis - habaneros are quite small, but pepperone have the final size


  • Noticed that all plants have spider mites - will try to spray water with marseille soap


  • Both types were tested on different people. Cayenne got a "hot" classification and nearly all people gave the Habanero a "damn hot"... even those who only accidently used the knife which I've used to cut it in smaller parts.